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Our company, establish as AFK Textile in 2020, has been making production powerfully and renewably as HNT Textile in the women textile sector since on the first day of 2020. Especially, HNT Textile has an extensive collection in the business line of women outerwear. This collection includes the plain, printed, knitted, jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics. HNT Textile being a trademark always preferred thanks to its high quality and fast service also export to different countries of the world, in addition to providing services to distinguished companies abroad. In all seasons, our company makes the fabrics available with the colour choice of our customers by using the latest technology. HNT TEXTILE IS GLAND TO SERVICE YOU...


Our company have been making a wide variety of fabrics by using very different yarn together. We have been making fabric colored and printed products according to the desired type of fabric or yarn from the ball of paint. On Women's outerwear; shirts, dresses and pants have been making fabric production. Our fabrics the season's of the fashion fabrics and also optionally produce to using mix of the different yarn fabrics. The main types of fabrics we produce are as follows: - %100 cotton, - %100 polyester, - %100 nylon, -Polyester cotton, -nylon cotton polyester elastane, -Polyester cotton elastan, -Polyester floss cotton, -Polyester floss, -Polyester floss elastan, -the viscose linen, -Polyester the viscose, -Polyester the viscose linen, -nylon cotton, -nylon cotton elastan, -floss cotton,


HNT Textile is a global company with hundreds of customers in 12+ countries

Founded in 2005, our company has been operating in the textile sector since 2010.




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